Woodlot Advisory Service (WAS)

To promote the sustainable management of forests and the establishment of additional forest cover within their jurisdictions, South Nation Conservation and the S.D.&G. Chapter of the OWA have partnered to give $500 rebates to landowners who write Forest Management Plans for their forest properties.

Landowners who reside within South Nations watershed and Prescott & Russell will be visited by Woodlot Advisory Service technician who will provide a preliminary evaluation of the site and suggest management options or programs which will assist the landowners with their management objectives.


Landowners who reside outside the SNC watershed but within S.D.&G. will be referred to the S.D.&G. Chapter of the OWA. To receive the $500 rebate, the Forest Management Plan has to be submitted to the MNR under the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program and then register with the OWA as a Chapter Member.